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Trunk Shows

Kelly Faetanini.png

July 5th-13th

Spring 2025: Luminous Collection    $2,999-$4,999

Rozella Kelly Faetanini Luminous Collect
Sherelle Kelly Faetanini Luminous Collec
Annalise Kelly Faetanini Luminous Collec
Ines Di Santo.jpeg
Nanette Kelly Faetanini Luminous Collect

July 5th-13th

Spring 2025: Couture Collection     starting at $4,999

Isolde Ines Di Santo Spring 2025_edited.jpg
Agatha Ines Di Santo Spring 2025_edited.jpg
Presephone Ines Di Santo Spring 2025_edited.jpg
March Ines Di Santo Spring 2025_edited.jpg
Justin Alexander Signature.png

July 12th-20th

Spring/Summer 2025 Collection: Verses in Contrast

99319 Dickinson Justin Alexander Signature_edited.jpg
99320 Whitman Justin Alexander Signature_edited.jpg
99310 Walcott Justin Alexander Signature_edited.jpg
99315 Frost Justin Alexander Signature_edited.jpg
Chosen Kyha Logo.png
Chosen Kyha Logo.png


August 2nd-10th

Alter Ego Collection

Chosen Kyha Alter Ego Miles_edited.jpg
Chosen Kyha Alter Ego Blue_edited.jpg
Chosen Kyha Alter Ego Beau_edited.jpg
Chosen Kyha Alter Ego Draper_edited.jpg

For appointments, please call 412) 343-6677

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